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About Revive IV Therapy

Repair | Relax | Renew

VISION:  Empower people to take charge of their health holistically.

MISSION: To provide customers with the knowledge and tools to better their health through IV nutritional therapy.

VALUES: Patient care, comfort, and wellness. To provide the upmost care with integrity and professionalism. 

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Team Members

Who We Are

Samah Mohamed


Samah Mohamed is a Colorado native who recently moved to Arizona. She has her B.S. in Evolutionary and Ecology Biology from University of Colorado at Boulder and her M.S. from Arizona State University. She is a certified IV technician and NAPTP certified technician. She has over 7+ years of experience in healthcare with direct outpatient work. She has expense in clinical, financial, operational, and leadership work. Her love for direct one on one patient work has inspired her to grow her love for holistic medicine that directly benefits patients and changes their lives. 

"Why IV therapy? I'm passionate about one-on-one patient care and providing instant gratifying care to the community. Helping and changing one patient's day and health is my goal. Greatly skilled and educated on IV administration and hydration therapy, my passion leads to patient satisfaction and best care." -Samah

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